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Ba Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the south of Viet Nam.
Are you planning to come to Viet Nam for your vacation? If you choose to stay in the Phan Thiet/Mui Ne area, you will have an opportunity to see this nature preserve and waterfall. The preserve is located approximately 100 kilometers from Phan Thiet City and 140 kilometers from Saigon
The waterfall is hidden at the base of Ong Mountain, a 1,500 meter-high mountain and surrounded by the jungle preserve. It cascades down the side of the mountain and creates a silky-white spray that begs to be photographed.
The water falls down nine levels, each 15-20 meters in height. The stones along the path of the waterfall are various sizes, colors and shapes that contrast with the deep green moss. The pools at the bottom of each level invite visitors to jump in as an escape from the tropical heat.
Ong Mountain and Ba waterfall not only attract tourists for their natural beauty, but also because of the legend of the white elephant and Lord Nguyen Anh, loyalty and human emotions.
From the top, you can take a dip in the surrounding green pool area below the waterfall. Visitors can also enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding beauty, such as:
Adventurous visitors can try jumping from the top of the waterfall into the natural pool below, while the less adventurous ones can swim leisurely in the cool, transparent water.
Swimming in the cool water of the fall in the wild and poetic natural atmosphere helps to erase the daily worries of the visitors
You will get even more pleasure when you  are welcomed with a team of staff who come from local. they are very enthusiastic and always willing to guide visitors.
Temperatures in Thac Ba is not  high compared with over the southern provinces. However, the natural freshness of the green where it made a big difference.
Be there, you can feel the magic of mother nature presents. These ancient trees and Between the dense tree in the forest, the animals, landscape,..Harmony with each other to create a rhythmic song of melody. 
Ba Waterfall Tourism confidence introducing a unique of Ecotourism Models  such as:
1. Gala dining area where very close to nature:
It is wonderful when we have seat beside a stream and yourself ẹnjoy the sound of murmuring water, the cool breeze and special dishes here as: Grilled fish served with local vegetable in forest, cool sweetness of the steamed chicken with lemon leaves, or the grilled chicken with honey .........
2.  Ecological Camping Tents:
  Cool and covered by large shady trees, green grass and smooth, with cool fresh air, will give visitors a sense of relaxation and comfortable
Fun party night to the warmth flickering campfire, harmony with the sounds of singing, dancing, clutching mounted fraternity gathered from all parts of the earth. Share offer back together the sweet potatoes and fragrant
3. Hammock Service:
Immersed in the shade of the forest canopy, looking up at the birds overhead, listening murmuring streams and swaying in the hammock, fresh air to give us these moments of comfort and peaceful
4. Souvenir shop
It shortcomings if we travel without buying souvenirs for ourselves to mark the journey of our tour as well as gifts for relatives
souvenir shop pleasure  introducing to  guests with  products for your selection such as: Jackets, hats, scarves or the padlock, gems, stones feng shui .....
Tien Duyen lake
Guests can pray for his love by throwing the coins were inscribed his name and he then threw into the lake to desire love is sustainable, lifelong sticking together
7. Peace lake
Besides releasing the carps into the stream to praying for the peace and wish to your family always happy or pray for a smooth career
Like carp crossing the waves transformed Dragon (according to Vietnam legend) is also a characteristic of this place
8. Bath Spring Lake
The hot day is immersed in cool water, remove all the tiredness goes away which will make us become more relaxed and pleasant
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